CADECOM Lilongwe Leadership

Charles Matewere, Archdiocesan Coordinator

Team member since 2016-01-04

Charles Matewere is a dedicated, passionate, focused, enthusiastic and committed Environmental and Natural Resources Management Specialist at CADECOM Lilongwe. He has experience in project management across areas of biodiversity conservation, resilience building, livelihoods improvement, forest conservation and climate change adaptation and mitigation. Charles holds a bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources Management from the University of Malawi. A natural team leader and good communicator, Charles is the current Head of CADECOM Lilongwe with 7 years of post-graduate work experience that includes development project management, monitoring and evaluation and customer service. 

Christopher Titan Momba Chikowi, Project Coordinator

Team member since 2020-01-01

Christopher T.M. Chikowi is a mature, hardworking, consistency, self-motivated, reliable and responsible gentleman with excellent facilitation, communication, numerical and analytical skills that approaches tasks with results in mind. He easily adapts to challenging situations and is able to work well both in a team as well as independently. His desire is to achieve a high standard level of work performance and excellent delivery in his chosen economics career specifically in relation to the following fields; research, programme/project management and rural development.

Leonard Mkusa, Project Coordinator

Team member since 2019-03-04

Leonard Mkusa is a trained Agricultural Economist with more than 5 years experience in the areas of food policy, food security, nutrition, food systems, food governance, rural development Disaster Risk management as well as Monitoring, evaluation and learning. Leonard’s experience emanates from working with National Government, Research institutions and Non-Governmental Organisations. He a MSc and BSc (Agricultural Economics) from the university of Pretoria and University of Malawi, Bunda College of Agriculture respectively. As a Food Security and livelihoods programme Coordinator he is responsible for designing FSL project concepts, proposals, leading in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs, coordinating revision of plans and budgets in response to monitoring, reflection and learning with the stakeholders and coordinating with all partners including government and civil society to ensure and support project implementation.

Castina Zimba, Accountant

Team member since 2021-02-01

Castina Zimba is a confident, multiskilled accountant with excellent knowledge in finance and accounting procedures. Castina possesses exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills. She is able to provide financial information to all areas of the organization whilst ensuring that all management information is accurate. Castina has a proven ability to drive out inefficiencies through process improvement as well as assist in the maintenance and development of financial systems and accounting procedures. She has over 7 years’ experience in presenting data as well as providing financial reports. She is a member of ICAM and MAB.

Stanley Jason Sokosa, Field Officer

Team member since 0000-00-00

Stanley Jason Sokosa has background of Agriculture and Food Security Management, Skilled and enthusiastic data entry expert with immense knowledge of providing timely, efficiency and quality data, Environmental Management and Natural Resources Management. Stanley has experience in project planning, development, implementation and monitoring and evaluation to ensure sustainable project delivery in line with strategic objectives. Specifically, Stanley has over 5 years of experience in managing agriculture and livelihood projects, natural resources management, crop diversification and crop value chain management, community disaster risk reduction management and asset based community development. Stanley has also acquired experience in public-private projects and also collaborated with implementing partners for effective project activities’ implementation.

Sylvester Panyani , Field Officer

Team member since 0000-00-00

Sylvester Panyani is a highly motivated and dedicated forestry professional, demonstrating excellent leadership and communication skills with extensive Knowledge in agriculture, Extension, Natural Resources particularly forestry. Sylvester Panyani possesses a wide range of experience in working with local communities. His field experience has highly contributed to the Organization’s high-performance attributes in various aspects especially extension and natural resources. Sylvester Panyani always maintains a good working relationship with project beneficiaries and his ability to adapt easily to different cultural set up adds value to his already existing friendliness. He is currently working as a Field Officer at Mchinji Field Office.

Aubrey Divala, Field Officer

Team member since 0000-00-00

Aubrey Divala is highly motivated and loyal individual with extensive knowledge and experience in community development, Nutrition and food security. As a professional community Development  and nutrition specialist, he has an excellent background in community mobilisation, Agriculture and natural resources management, gender and development, nutrition assessment, food utilization and diversification, as well child protection.  Aubrey is a result driven leader with proven leadership skills and over the years he has demonstrated success in dynamic environments.

Patrick Tsoka, Field Officer

Team member since 0000-00-00

Patrick has 5 years of experience in agribusiness, value chain analysis, the cooperative development field, market analysis and linkage establishment, business management and entrepreneurship training, community mobilization, project proposal development, monitoring and evaluation, and data collection. Patrick started work as a monitoring and evaluation assistant at World Food Program (WFP) and later joined Comitato Internazionale Per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli (CISP) as an Agribusiness Expert, in European Union (EU) funded food security project, who upon the end of the project, he joined Catholic Development Commission in Malawi (CADECOM) as Project Field Officer. He has been involved in many project interventions promoting Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). He is also a meticulous and strong writer with a passion for story-telling who has extensive experience in writing literary compositions, articles, success stories, fiction stories, reports, grant proposals, books, and other texts aimed at a specific target audience. He is results-driven, self-motivated, and a team player.

Tionge Felicity Chirambo, Administration and Accounts Assistant

Team member since 0000-00-00

Tionge Chirambo  is a business administrator with background in sales, client relations, marketing and financial management. She is highly Skilled in managing operation duties of business and propelling teams towards success. Tionge has got exemplary expertise and superior communication skills in both written and spoken forms.

Martin Chikumba, Field Officer

Team member since 2021-12-01

Martin is an Agricultural Economist by profession with over the past 4 years in experience in project management of rural livelihood programs especially in areas of food security, household financial stability, microfinance and Monitoring and Evaluation. Martin has high inclination of Indigenous Knowledge whereby he believes the marginalized and vulnerable masses best know how to deal with their problems, hence he has developed strong passion in building the capacity and empowering the poor and vulnerable in efforts of alleviating poverty. Martin is also a professional artisanal farmer, which happens to be his priority in his free time off work. He further possess strong interpersonal skills, decision making abilities and ability to handle pressure if circumstances arise.

Aaron Chirwa, Field Officer

Team member since 2021-12-01

Aaron is a passionate, focused and committed Environmental management expert and CADECOM Lilongwe. He has through knowledge and experience in forest conservation, climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, sustainable natural resources management and good agricultural practices, agrobiodiversity management, disaster risk reduction and community resilience building. Aaron holds a bachelors degree in Forestry from Mzuzu University. A good facilitator with good communication skills, Aaron is currently project field officer based in Mchinji. He has 12 years experience that includes research, project planning and administration, monitoring and Evaluation.

Elvas Gloria Shaba, Field Officer

Team member since 2021-12-01

Elvas Gloria Shaba is an experienced aquaculture and fisheries scientist having started her carrier in 2018 after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Aquaculture and Fisheries Science. She worked as an intern at COOPI and Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development (Mzuzu Fish Farm) from 2018 to Mid-2019 then later joined Kawjo foundation as an aquaculture field officer.

Elvas is a self-motivated, fast learner, team player, result oriented and hardworking lady, with experience in teaching, effective decision making, effective leadership, team building and easily adapts to changes in the working environment.

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